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FourierTransform ComputeInverseTransform Method Industrial Strength, Scientific Grade
Performs an inverse FFT of the specified SourceData and channel.

Namespace: PrecisionImage.FrequencyDomainProcessing
Assembly: PrecisionImage (in PrecisionImage.dll) Version: (

public void ComputeInverseTransform(
	FourierSpectrum spectrumData,
	SourceData targetData,
	int sourceChannel,
	bool overwriteSpectrum = false


Type: PrecisionImage.FrequencyDomainProcessing FourierSpectrum
A FourierSpectrum type containing the spectrum to be inverse transformed.
Type: PrecisionImage SourceData
A SourceData type in which the resulting spatial domain data is stored.
Type: OnlineSystem Int32
An OnlineInt32 specifying the position in the which the data is copied.
overwriteSpectrum (Optional)
Type: OnlineSystem Boolean
A OnlineBoolean type indicating whether or not to use spectrumData to store intermediate results during the inverse FFT operation. Default value is False.

OnlineSystem ArgumentNullException Thrown when transformData or dataSource is null.
OnlineSystem ArgumentOutOfRangeException Thrown when channel is negative or too large.
OnlineSystem ArgumentException Thrown when spectrumData specifies spatial domain rows and/or columns that exceed those of targetData.

Performs an inverse FFT of the spectrum contained in spectrumData and stores the result in the targetData object in the specified sourceChannel. Any zero-padding that may have been employed during the forward FFT operation is automatically removed prior to inserting the data in the targetData object. The spatial domain data resulting from this operation will therefore have the same dimensions after the inverse FFT operation as it did prior to the forward FFT operation regardless of the zero-padding employed. The dimensions of the data channels in targetData must be the same as the dimensions that result from the inverse FFT operation. These can be determined a priori by querying the FourierSpectrum object for its frequency/spatial domain rows and columns properties.

If the input spectrum data is not needed after inversion, the memory footprint of the inverse FFT operation can be reduced by specifying True for the overwriteSpectrum argument. This will force the operation to use the memory already present in the input spectrum to store the intermediate results during the FFT procedure. The input spectral data is overwritten using this option. The default value for this parameter is False, preserving the input spectrum.


See example for ComputeForwardTransform(SourceData, Int32, WindowFunction, Int32Rect) method.
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