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GammaEncoding EnumerationIndustrial Strength, Scientific Grade
An OnlineEnum specifying the type of gamma encoding.

Namespace: PrecisionImage
Assembly: PrecisionImage (in PrecisionImage.dll) Version: (

public enum GammaEncoding

  Member nameValueDescription
sRGB0 Indicates sRGB gamma encoding for input/output images.
None1 Indicates no gamma encoding for input/output image.

All input image types other than those encoded as 32-bit floating point sources are considered to be in one of the non-linear (gamma-encoded) sRGB image spaces. GammaEncoding.sRGB indicates a source image gamma-encoding of 2.4, , and GammaEncoding.None indicates the source image is already linearized and not gamma-encoded (i.e. gamma of 1.0).

For output images, GammaEncoding.sRGB indicates the data is to be gamma encoded prior to image generation. GammaEncoding.None indicates no gamma encoding is to be applied to output images (pixel values are scaled linearly).

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