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ShadedReliefMap GetShadedReliefImageArray Method Industrial Strength, Scientific Grade
Returns an OnlineArray of pixel values portaying the data as a shaded relief map.

Namespace: PrecisionImage.Visualization
Assembly: PrecisionImage (in PrecisionImage.dll) Version: (

public Array GetShadedReliefImageArray(
	SourceData sourceData,
	int channel,
	GrayBitDepth grayBitDepth = GrayBitDepth.EightBit,
	Int32Rect regionOfInterest = null,
	GammaEncoding gammaEncoding = GammaEncoding.None,
	BinaryMask binaryMask = null


Type: PrecisionImage SourceData
A SourceData type containing the image data.
Type: OnlineSystem Int32
An OnlineInt32 type indicating the data channel to process.
grayBitDepth (Optional)
Type: PrecisionImage GrayBitDepth
A GrayBitDepth enumerator indicating the bit-depth of the returned grayscal BitmapSource image.
regionOfInterest (Optional)
Type: OnlineSystem.Windows Int32Rect
An OnlineInt32Rect type indicating the region of interest. Coordinates are zero-index based. This parameter is optional and defaults to the entire image.
gammaEncoding (Optional)
Type: PrecisionImage GammaEncoding
A GammaEncoding enumeration indicating whether or not to gamme-encode the output image.
binaryMask (Optional)
Type: PrecisionImage.BinarizationAndMorphology BinaryMask
A BinaryMask object indicating areas to bypass. Default is no mask.

Return Value

An OnlineArray object containing the pixel values of the computed relief map.

OnlineSystem ArgumentNullException Thrown when sourceData is null.
OnlineSystem ArgumentOutOfRangeException Thrown when regionOfInterest specifies an invalid region relative to the sourceData dimensions.
OnlineSystem ArgumentOutOfRangeException Thrown when channel specifies a channel that is not contained within the sourceData object.
OnlineSystem ArgumentException Thrown when the dimensions of binaryMask do not match those of sourceData.

Use this method to retrieve the shaded relief map as an array of pixel values. The type of OnlineArray returned depends on the grayBitDepth argument (Byte/UInt16/32bit float). Cast the array to the appropriate type to access the discreet values.
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