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AdaptiveMedianFilter ClassIndustrial Strength, Scientific Grade
Encapsulates all functionality associated with an Adaptive Median noise filter.
Inheritance Hierarchy

OnlineSystem Object
  PrecisionImage.SpatialFiltering SpatialFilteringOperator
    PrecisionImage.SpatialFiltering AdaptiveMedianFilter

Namespace: PrecisionImage.SpatialFiltering
Assembly: PrecisionImage (in PrecisionImage.dll) Version: (

public class AdaptiveMedianFilter : SpatialFilteringOperator

The adaptive median noise filter is used to filter out impulse noise ("salt and pepper" noise). The filter uses an algorithmic process internally to determine the minimum effective window size to use at each pixel. The filter can vary the windows size at runtime between two user-defined extents: InitialKernelRadius and MaximumKernelRadius. The default value for InitialKernelRadius is 1 (3x3 kernel) and the default value for MaximumKernelRadius is 3 (7x7 kernel).

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