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SourceData AssignChannelData Method (  , Int32, Int32)Industrial Strength, Scientific Grade
Copies the contents of a DepthImagePixel array into the specified channel and returns a BinaryMask for the specified player index.

Namespace: PrecisionImage
Assembly: PrecisionImage (in PrecisionImage.dll) Version: (

public BinaryMask AssignChannelData(
	DepthImagePixel[] depthData,
	int channel,
	int PlayerIndex


Type:  DepthImagePixel 
An array of type DepthImagePixel encapsulating the depth data form the Kinect sensor.
Type: OnlineSystem Int32
An OnlineInt32 type indicating the data channel to populate.
Type: OnlineSystem Int32
An OnlineInt32 type indicating the player index to use when building the binary mask. The player is unmasked in the returned BinaryMask.

Return Value

A BinaryMask with the specified player unmasked.

OnlineSystem ArgumentNullException Thrown when depthData is null.
OnlineSystem ArgumentOutOfRangeException Thrown when the number of elements in depthData is not equal to the product of the rows and columns in the SourceData object.
OnlineSystem ArgumentOutOfRangeException Thrown when channel specifies a channel that does not exist.
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