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PrecisionImage.Visualization NamespaceIndustrial Strength, Scientific Grade
Encapsulates all functionality relating to the direct visualization of data, including output windowing and pseudocolor image generation.

Public classBlackBodyColorScheme
A type encapsulating the "Black-Body" pseudocoloring scheme.
Public classConstantSaturationColorScheme
A type encapsulating a constant-saturation tuneable pseudocoloring algorithm
Public classLinearPerceptionColorScheme
A type encapsulating a linear pseudocoloring algorithm
Public classOutputWindowing
Encapsulates the output windowing parameters for the individual SourceData channels.
Public classShadedReliefMap
A type encapsulating analytical hillshading functionality.
Public classSpectrumColorScheme
A type encapsulating the spectrum (rainbow) pseudocoloring scheme.
Public classVariableSaturationColorScheme
A type encapsulating a variable-saturation tuneable pseudocoloring algorithm