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AdaptiveMedianFilter PropertiesIndustrial Strength, Scientific Grade
The AdaptiveMedianFilter type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCurrentHardwareAccelerator
Assigns / retrieves the hardware acceleration device to use.
(Inherited from SpatialFilteringOperator.)
Public propertyEdgeHandling
Gets/sets the current EdgeHandling enumerator for the object.
(Inherited from SpatialFilteringOperator.)
Public propertyHistogramStretch
A OnlineBoolean type indicating if the output is scaled according to the new (processed) min and max values.
Public propertyInitialKernelRadius
An OnlineInt32 type that gets/sets the radius of the initial kernel windows. Default value is 1 (3x3 kernel).
Public propertyMaximumKernelRadius
An OnlineInt32 type that gets/sets the radius of the maximum kernel windows. Default value is 3 (7x7 kernel).
Public propertyProcessingMode
Gets or sets the ProcessingMode for the current object. Default value is Setup.DefaultProcessingMode.
(Inherited from SpatialFilteringOperator.)
Public propertySyncContext
Get or sets the OnlineSynchronizationContext to which events raised by the current object will be posted.
(Inherited from SpatialFilteringOperator.)
Public propertyZeroOutMaskArea
A OnlineBoolean type that determines if the mask area is shown as black (zero-out) or original pixels. This property is used only when invoking methods that return a OnlineBitmapSource or an OnlineArray object.
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