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PaddingMode EnumerationIndustrial Strength, Scientific Grade
An OnlineEnum specifying the type of data padding to use in the case of constrained-dimension operations.

Namespace: PrecisionImage
Assembly: PrecisionImage (in PrecisionImage.dll) Version: (

public enum PaddingMode

  Member nameValueDescription
MinimalZeroPadding0 Specifies the minimal amount of zero padding for both rows and columns.
QuadraticZeroPadding1 Specifies the minimal amount of zero padding such that zero-padded rows = zero-padded columns.

If an operation requires dimensional constraint, this type is used to specify the method of zero-padding employed to satisfy that constraint. MinimalZeroPadding forces the minimum amount of zero- padding possible that will still guarantee that the constraint is satisfied. QuadraticZeroPadding, on the other hand, forces dimensional constraint such that the final rows and columns will be equal (the data image assumes a square shape). For example, when performing an FFT (which requires that each row and column are constrained to integer powers of 2) on data with rows = 500 and columns = 900, specifying MinimalZeroPadding will dictate zero-padding such that zero-padded rows = 512 and zero-padded columns = 1024. On the other hand, specifying QuadraticZeroPadding will cause zero-padding such that the final zero-padded rows and columns are both equal to 1024.
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