Core Optical, Inc.
PrecisionImage.BinarizationAndMorphology NamespaceIndustrial Strength, Scientific Grade
Encapsulates all functionality and data structures relating to morphological operations acting directly on binary image data.

Public classAdaptiveThresholder
Encapsulates the Niblack adaptive binarization operation.
Public classBinaryMask
A class encapsulating binary data mask functionality.
Public classBinaryObject
Encapsulates the properties associated with a discrete binary object.
Public classContour
Encapsulates the data associated with the inner/outer contours of a BinaryObject
Public classFourierDescriptor
Encapsualtes the data and properties representing a fourier shape descriptor.
Public classMorphologicalProcessor
Encapsulates functionality associated with morphological processing.
Public classOtsuThresholder
Encapsulates the Otsu threshold binarization operation.

Public enumerationContourType
An enumeration indicating the type of contour. This enumeration is used with binary object morphology.