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On this page you will find a convenient collection of links to example code in the documentation illustrating the implementation of some of the major functional operations available in PrecisionImage.NET.

Example links

  • OutputWindowing

    An example illustrating the use of the OutputWindowing class for image windowing and levelling.

  • OtsuThresholder

    An example illustrating the automatic image segmentation of (and BinaryMask generation from) a SourceData object SourceData object. Segmentation is shown in both single step and iterative forms. This example also includes the use of adaptive histogram equalization.

  • GetBinaryObjects

    An example illustrating counting and extracting objects from binary images.

  • GetEqualizedHistogramImage

    An example showing the use of the Histogram Equalization operation and its effect on an image's histogram distribution.

  • GetAdaptivelyEqualizedHistogramImage

    An example illustrating the use of the Contrast-Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization operation. Results are compared to those derived from the global Histogram Equalization operation.

  • ConvertXYZtoCIELAB

    An example illustrating the conversion of source data from linear RGB to CIE L*a*b* color space specifying a D50 illuminant.

  • CannyEdgeDetector

    An example illustrating the use of the Canny Edge Detector class.

  • ComputeForwardTransform

    An example illustrating forward and inverse FFT, interaction with the FourierSpectrum class, and the use of various windowing functions during a forward FFT and their effects on spectral leakage.

  • DirectionalFrequencyFilter

    An example that illustrates how to specify the geometry of a DirectionalFrequencyFilter object, illustrates various geometries and shows an example of the use this object in combination with the FourierTransform

    class to remove periodic noise.
  • IsotropicFrequencyFilter

    An example illustrating how to specify and visualize an IsotropicFrequencyFilter object.

  • GetPolarResampledChannel

    An example illustrating the resampling of source data from cartesian to polar coordinates.

  • ComputeForwardDWT

    An example illustrating a forward/inverse discrete wavelet transform on source data to th maximum number of decomposition levels.

  • SubBandProcessor

    An example illustrating the results layout of forward DWT and DWPT operations and the specification of pre-defined and custom sub-band processing of wavelet data.