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DiscreteWaveletPacketTransform ProcessSubBands Method Industrial Strength, Scientific Grade
Performs in-place processing on the fluctuation sub-bands of wavelet packet-transformed data.

Namespace: PrecisionImage.WaveletProcessing
Assembly: PrecisionImage (in PrecisionImage.dll) Version: (

public void ProcessSubBands(
	SourceData sourceData,
	int sourceChannel,
	SourceData targetData,
	int targetChannel,
	int decompositionLevels,
	SubBandProcessor processor


Type: PrecisionImage SourceData
A SourceData object containing the forward-transformed data to process.
Type: OnlineSystem Int32
An OnlineInt32 type specifying the channel to process.
Type: PrecisionImage SourceData
A SourceData type to which the results are written. For in-place processing use the same object as the source.
Type: OnlineSystem Int32
An OnlineInt32 type indicating the channel in which the results are written. For in-place processing use the same channel as the source.
Type: OnlineSystem Int32
An OnlineInt32 type indicating the decomposition state of the source data.
Type: PrecisionImage.WaveletProcessing SubBandProcessor
A SubBandProcessor object containing the processing logic to apply.

OnlineSystem NullReferenceException Thrown when sourceData, targetData or processor are null.
OnlineSystem ArgumentOutOfRangeException Thrown when sourceChannel or targetChannel specify a channel that doesn't exist.
OnlineSystem ArgumentException Thrown when the dimensions of sourceData and targetData aren't identical.
OnlineSystem ArgumentOutOfRangeException Thrown when decompositionLevels specifies a level less than 1 or a level too large for the sourceData dimensions.

Use this method to adaptively process in-place the sub-bands in a wavelet packet-transformed data object. This method can be used to invoke one of the adaptive thresholding operators included in PrecisionImage.NET SDK, or implement application-specific processing.

This method provides an efficient and flexible way to process the sub-bands in SourceData objects containing the forward-transformed wavelet representation of the data. Each sub-band is automatically processed in parallel for computational efficiency. See the SubBandProcessor documentation for more information on how to use this method.

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