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PrecisionImage NamespaceIndustrial Strength, Scientific Grade
The root namespace for PrecisionImage.NET. Encapsulates all other image processing namespaces.

Public classDeployment
A static class used to assign the runtime license information.
Public classHardwareAccelerationDevice
Encapsualtes the properties associated with an acceleration device such as a GPU.
Public classProgressChangedEventArgs
Encapsulates the event data associated with an object's OnProgressChanged event.
Public classSetup
Encapsulates the default setup options used by PrecisionImage.NET objects.
Public classSourceData
Encapsulates the data contained within a OnlineBitmapSource object.
Public classUtilities
Implements a variety of general utility functions.

Public enumerationColorBitDepth
An OnlineEnum specifying the bit-depth of the color image.
Public enumerationEdgeHandling
An OnlineEnum specifying the method in which edges are extended to facilitate convolution operations.
Public enumerationGammaEncoding
An OnlineEnum specifying the type of gamma encoding.
Public enumerationGrayBitDepth
An OnlineEnum specifying the bit-depth of grayscale images.
Public enumerationPaddingMode
An OnlineEnum specifying the type of data padding to use in the case of constrained-dimension operations.
Public enumerationProcessingMode
An OnlineEnum type specifying the various processing mode options.