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PrecisionImage.FrequencyDomainProcessing NamespaceIndustrial Strength, Scientific Grade
Encapsulates all functionality and data structures relating to frequency domain operations such as fast Fourier transforms.

Public classDirectionalBandPassFilter
Encapsualtes the non-isotropic band-pass filter operation.
Public classDirectionalBandStopFilter
Encapsualtes the non-isotropic band-stop filter operation.
Public classDirectionalFrequencyFilter
The abstract base class for the non-isotropic (directional) spatial frequency band-pass / band-stop filters.
Public classFourierSpectrum
Encapsulates the spectral data resulting from a forward Fast Fourier Transform operation.
Public classFourierSpectrumBatch
Encapsulates all spectra resulting from a forward batched Fast Fourier Transform operation.
Public classFourierTransform
Encapsulates forward and inverse Fast Fourier Transform operations.
Public classFrequencyDomainUtilities
Encapsulates the functionality associated with a variety of utility functions operating on spectral data.
Public classIsotropicBandPassFilter
Encapsulates a Butterworth band-pass frequency filter.
Public classIsotropicBandStopFilter
Encapsulates a Butterworth band-stop frequency filter.
Public classIsotropicFrequencyFilter
The abstract base class for all isotropic frequency filters.
Public classIsotropicHighPassFilter
Encapsulates a Butterworth high-pass frequency filter.
Public classIsotropicLowPassFilter
Encapsulates a Butterworth low-pass frequency filter.