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ColorimetricConverter ConvertCIELABtoXYZ Method Industrial Strength, Scientific Grade
Transforms source data in-place from CIE L*a*b* to CIE XYZ space.

Namespace: PrecisionImage.Colorimetry
Assembly: PrecisionImage (in PrecisionImage.dll) Version: (

public void ConvertCIELABtoXYZ(
	SourceData dataSource,
	Illuminant whitePoint = null


Type: PrecisionImage SourceData
A SourceData object encapsulating the image data to be converted.
whitePoint (Optional)
Type: PrecisionImage.Colorimetry Illuminant
A Illuminant object specifying the reference white point. This parameter is optional and defaults to D65.


This method transforms data in CIE L*a*b* space to CIE XYZ color space, referenced to the whitePoint illuminant's white point and according to ISO standard 13655. The dataSource L*a*b* values must be stored in channels 0, 1 and 2 respectively. XYZ output values are stored in-place in channels 0, 1 and 2. To guarantee an invertable result, output values are not clamped to any arbitrary range and are stored as-is. The dataSource object must contain at least 3 channels or an OnlineArgumentOutOfRangeException exception will result.

See ConvertXYZtoCIELAB(SourceData, Illuminant) for an example of usage.
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